Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Damn, You should post more

I can''t believe I haven't posted in over 2 weeks. I also can't believe I haven't moved all my shit out of the basement yet. I did throw out all the wet shit though so there was some accomplishment. There have been a couple good stories since my last post. I went out and got super drunk with Brother. Actually he got super drunk, but I don't knew if I am allowed to tell that one. It's a goodun. I went drinking with Matador last Friday and had a good time. We didn't meet anyone new or find anyone to join the world Drinking Tour but I did find out that sexy Italian Bartender (SIB) was no longer with her boyfriend. That could be good news for me. or maybe not. I may be too far into the friend category to ever dig my self out, but it might be worth trying. She is going to come with us to see Hottie next Wednesday at Betta's for Pretty Wednesdays it is $40 for a 15 min massage, a manicure and 3 hours of all you can drink martini's. That part alone is worth $40. Hottie used to work with SIB a few years ago.

I also met a girl on Monday. After work Aborama and I went out for a few Drinks and The Matador and some friends were supposed to meet us out. WE were there about 10 min when Matador comes strolling in wearing a Cowboy hat that isn't his but seems to work quite well. He is LO-ded. Big time. He goes to the bathroom and then the rest of the posse roll in, including Aborama's ex-boyfriend, The Gay Asshole. That isn't predudice, just both of those descriptors are true and because we all know people who fit one or the other using both narrows it down a little. Apparently Aborama was the only one who couldn't figure out he was gay. Except for him, he doesn't admit it either. Also rolling in are Party Girl, Muscles, and the Caveman- yes he really looks like a cave man. A few minutes later Matador is talking to two attractive women because they were silly enough to ask him for a smoke. I can hear Matador struggling to talk slow and enunciate all his words in a poorly veiled attempt not to sound shit faced drunk. Luckily the girls were fairly intoxicated themselves. Especially the blond one who was very cute. I was sober at this point so I know she was cute but looked very young. I just kept thinking "don't be underage, don't be underage" Turns out she is 26, has a four year old son, ouch, and is "getting" divorced, double ouch. I know red flags run like hell. I said what do you mean getting divorced. We are at the end stages. I have heard that before. So I am looking at this realistically but of course got her number anyway. forgive me I am in the middle of a 35 day drought, cut me some slack. I called and left a message today but haven't heard anything yet. The dreaded first phone call.

Any way tonight I am sitting here avoiding getting more shit out of the basement, so I think I will sign off and go get a couple drinks. :)

Have fun kiddies.

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rb said...

wow, lookie what the cat drug in. good to see you alive and kickin! come back around the old place sometime eh?