Thursday, May 10, 2007


I had a good time last night. I was going to post about it but it will take too long post about it now so you will have to wait. For right now I need to get out of my living room and get my ass to the ballgame. Yes ball game. Woo Hoo! To those of you not from Chicago or those of you with the misfortumne of growing up on the wrong side of town there is only one ballgame in Chicago and that happens be at Wrigley field, The Greatest Place on Earth. I know have told a lady or few that my bedroom is the Greatest Place on Earth, but the truth comes out. It is Wrigley Field.
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And speaking of truth. I have been making a half ass attempt at losing weight and getting in shape for my trip to Miami in july. I have been doing slightly better at the working out and running part but I eat like a pig and drink like a fish. But I finally found my motivation other than having a Miami body when I go to MIami.

Approx 3 - 3 1/2 years ago a pretty young thing (The original Red Headed Slut) bought me a Cubs Jersey. Becasue I am a Cubs nut and she loves me. It's a large and hung on me perfect meaning a little loose but not big. Not so much anymore. It doesn't feel tight but there is a way too noticeable bulge around my midsection. Way too noticeable. Jearseys aren't supposed to look like that the are supposed to hang straight down. And what really pisses me off is I think I way just a few pounds more now than then I just have no muscle mass and it is all fat and all in my belly.

So this is it we are hard core. In one month I want to fit into my jersey and by July 26 I want to be down to at least 175. Miami is going to be legendary.

But first off to the Game.

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