Wednesday, May 30, 2007

In the last 24 hours I have

Driven in Traffic
Spent an hour arguing with my daughter
Ate pizza
Ran 2.5 miles
Went Drinking with my brother
Watched and listened to his friends play guitar
Some of them cute
Drank beer
Yes, me, beer
Watched Brother get drunk
Talked to a crazy person
Drank SoCo with flat Coke
Talked to a drunk guy in a Sox hat. Imagine that
Insulted someone from Colorade
Listened to him rant for 20 minutes
Watched same jackalope leave the bar with the prettiest girl there
Actually got in a cab in went home intead of to Betty's
Locked my keys in my apartment
Slept on Philarican's couch
Was late getting to the hospital for my Dad's Angiogram
Found out Dad is ok
Found out that Shaft is coming out with me later!
Foti is coming out with me later
Put on my Cubs Jersey because my ass is going to the Cubs game with Matador and some stuck up chick he is GaGa over but doesn't like him back.


SiddityintheCity said...

Drive-by reader here--

Sounds like a busy day. I LOL'ed at the jackalope bit. Then I stopped and thought a bit about it and how it made the girl a prize to be won, not a person with her own motivations. Maybe she was a bitch who deserved the jackalope for some reason? Or she has very particular tastes in men (jackalope: yes; Mr. Sexy Common

Nit-picky, I know, but the offhand things we throw out can be very revealing. (This comment, for instance, reveals I have been having lots of talks with single people about what they want and feel they deserve, whether reality based or not).

David said...

My desire for this girl wasn't reality based it was alcohol based. But she was sober what's her excuse?

Sid said...

Excuse for...? Not leaving with you instead? Clearly, if she was sober, she saw something in that other guy she didn't see in anybody else in the room. I'm not sure why she needs an excuse for making a clearheaded decision that she felt would benefit her.