Monday, May 21, 2007

I hope this doesn't go south

The Caveman sent me a text a few hours ago and asked what I was doing I said nothing what's up. Don't know yet just getting started. I said let me know. I then went to dinner with my brother and the philarican. I had two margaritas. Only two. With my brother. That must be a record. I think that was the shortest, soberest and cheapest dinner we have ever been to together. I think partially because I was crazy hungover. Yes even at 8pm. My hangover didn't even start til about 4p. I think I was drunk until noon and had a positive alcohol level until at least 4.

Yes I was drinking shots last night. Lots of shots. All ordered by me. Multiple times. I don't know why I felt the need to pour that much alcohol into my system. I just couldn't get enough. Partially because I was at a dive bar I hate and Red was there. Never date anyone you work with. Whore.

Anyway. Caveman is on on the south side of Chicago and may come up north to drink with me. He says he is coming but he is liquored up so who knows. If and when he will show up is anybody's guess. But this guy can drink so it may be a bad night. The fact that he started a few hours ago makes it better or worse. He did give me a compliment by saying that if anyone can out drink him it is me. I don't if I should take that as a compliment. One of these days I will have to retire.

Contemplating showering. I will be pissed if I shower and get dressed and he doesn't show. I can't believe it is 11p already. I should be already buzzed or in bed. Both wouldn't have been bad.

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