Monday, May 28, 2007


Written on Sunday

Yesterday was a rough day. Friday I got loaded so I woke up on Saturday after only 3 hours of sleep with a pretty nasty hangover, which I was pretty upset by because I barely drank my average but I did it in a pretty short period of time. My hangover got progressively worse as the day went on and I continued to sober up. I didn't help that at 10:30am I was in a dentist’s office getting my teeth probed and x-rayed. I can handle torture but I prefer not to be hung over while it happens. After that I picked up monkey who had spent the previous night at a friend's house and then went to the mall. Because she is a 14 yo girl and it is required. I meet her at the mall and then eat at a place called Claim Jumper that I do not recommend. I ordered the salmon which was slathered in BBQ sauce. Who drenches salmon in BBQ sauce. I was expecting a thin layer but nooooooo! You couldn't even see the damn fish. So after about 60 seconds of bitching and moaning I just scraped all that shit off the salmon. What I should have done was asked them not to put it on in the first place. If I was suffering from shrunken brain syndrome I probably would have.

I then got to go to my parent's house to do what? Move furniture. Yep exactly what everyone wants to do when they are hung over, move furniture. Luckily it was just a coffee table. The one my mom had in the living room had a drawer in it which they managed to break, so she wanted to throw it out and bring an old one from up stairs. While Brother and I was searching the menagerie hoping not to be bitten by a goblin or killed by a troll, my mom decides that the table we are looking for is too big and she will buy a smaller one. Not that my parents have any money what so ever because neither are working right now. Reprieve I think, but then she says that she still wants us to throw out the old one. Where are you going to put things, on the floor? asks Brother. Sure says Mom. So Brother pull what is left of the drawer breaking it in pieces in the process. We carry the rest of the table out side and while on the porch Brother says I just want to throw this thing off the porch. Mmmmmm I think. And ask what the possible consequences are. Brother says it could hit that car. I look again and still think that the car is too far away, but anything is possible especially with my brother. I personally am worried about ending up with a shard of wood sticking out of my forehead. I figure the possible trajectories and agree. On the count of three. One. Two. Three. And down it goes and hits the ground and folds like a house of cards. Like it was designed to collapse. Clunk. Clunk. Clunk and it is done. Loudly. We both look back at the window and Brother says, where's Monkey? So we run down the stairs and pick up the pieces of the table as fast as we can and look up and sure enough Monkey is standing at the screen door looking out at us and our shit-eating grins. We quickly go to the alley and throw everything out. At least we got to have some fun.

But after this I am dead tired. But I have no food in the house. So we shop and get back to the apt about 5pm. Now Monkey hasn't slept since the day before because no one ever sleeps at a sleep over, and I am tired and still a bit hung-over so I make a motion that we nap. We vote and motion carried. I set my alarm for 6pm. At 8-8:30 I get out of bed and attempt to get Monkey up. I wouldn't of bothered her but she hadn't eaten since noon. No go. She wakes up momentarily and says something barely comprehensible and falls back asleep. Her most coherent sentence was "I really have no idea what is going on” I tell her to get in PJs and go to sleep. She actually manages to make it to the bathroom to take out her contacts but then passes out again almost instantly after hitting the pillow. I am still starving so I go on-line to order food. I resist the urge to order my Pie pizza which is my favorite but not in line with my goal of having a Miami body by the time I go to Miami. So I order Chinese, which sounds normal unless you know me.

I do not like Chinese food. It is not that I dislike it. I just don't like it. I mean I am willing to eat it and I don't avoid it, but I never seek it out. You have never heard me say let’s get Chinese Food. Just doesn't happen.

Until last night. I ordered from Friendship Restaurant on Milwaukee Avenue. I was extremely hungry, not eating since 1pm. So that may account for some of my response to the food but very little I think. I loved it. This was the first time I ever ate Chinese Food and went Wow! First the portions were huge. The Sake Garlic Chicken had two full boneless grilled chicken breasts that were extremely tender and juicy. No over cooked Wok food here. I didn’t quite like the Sake Garlic Sauce but the chicken tasted great. I also ordered the Mongolion Beef that wasn’t quite the standard beef and scallions but I was fine with that. It had onions, peppers, and baby corn. Possible one or two more veggies but I can’t remember. What I can remember is that the sauce was spicy but not crazy hot. And it had ginger in it which I usually don’t like but it had just enough that I didn’t realize it was ginger until I was hallf way through. The prices were a little steep, $11.95 an entrĂ©e but there was enough food that it was still a decent value. I am so going to have to go back. I and with Brother who is a Chinese food fanatic. So I will go with him and explore this restaurant further, but I definitely recommend it. I can’t believe I am excited about Chinese food.

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