Saturday, May 19, 2007

I just keep telling myself it can always be worse

About a month ago I moved from the basement to the second floor of the same building because the DAMN PLACE FLOODED! So I needed a new bed. So I bought one. King Size. In a rush. I don't know why I do shit like that in a hurry. Anyway the sales lady talked me into a firm mattress. I have never had a firm mattress, and I hear it is supposed to be good for your back. And in the 10 seconds I spent on each mattress it seemed like the best one. She said this is my favorite I lay on it all the time. and in fact she was when I walked in. It sucks!

It is like sleeping on the floor. I got a padded mattress topper. No help. I worked a lot and drank a lot the week I got the bed so I couldn't go back right away to complain. I thought I only had seven days to exchange mattresses. I came across the recent 2 days ago and I have 30 days. Which ends tomorrow. I went back to the mattress place and spent a good 2-5 minutes on each mattress and found that I like plush but not pillow top. Although i did find one pillow top that I like. So I have it down to 2 mattresses. I ask what the difference is in price between these and the one I bought. The price is listed but I know that they are on sale, and when I bought my bed I got about $400 off the price. She pulls my old receipt and looks at the bed and tells me there is a $500 difference for one and $800 difference for the other. But aren't they on sale I say. Yes but comfort exchanges are at list price. But I bought mine on sale. I have been by here before everything is ALWAYS on sale. She starts spouting something about company policy and how she can't change policy. I start walking toward the door before I start spouting something like I don't give a shit. I bought a $1500 bed, it should cost me $500 to get a $1600 bed. Fuckers. And they will charge me a $100 delivery charge. Super Fuckers. But I really hate my current bed. And the other problem is I don't get paid until Monday or Tuesday at which point I will have exceeded my 30 days. And I have somehow recently depleted all my savings on what I am not sure.

Part of me thinks she talks people into buying the slightly cheaper crappy mattress so they will return it and have to pay full price on the other mattress that would have cost just about the same if they just bought it in the first place. Just to get a higher commission. Fuckers. I am pissed a little. Can you tell. And when this happened it was 5pm and I haven't eaten all day. Which those who know me that any time I go more than 4 hours without eating it is a bad thing.

So while driving home I pass this bar called Lottie's. It is on a side street and I would have never of found it except by accident. Which I did. I pull over and decide to eat hoping that will help decrease the steam coming out of my ears. I helps a little. Especially because I can eat outside and all the waitstaff are hot women. All the female patrons are hot women. My day is getting slightly better.

I am sipping my diet coke, because I work tonight, and am waiting for my food when a very hot woman walks out of the bar to the patio and sits down. She is wearing a tight top and no bra and I am not offended.

She sits fairly far away and I am content with quick glimpse I received, until I hear her laughing then I look over and recognize her. She is a friend of Philarican. I thought I had posted about this girl before but looking back i somehow did not. I will call her Miranda. I keep looking and am pretty sure I am right. About 15-20 min later she is leaving and has to walk past my table to do it and I call out her name and I am correct. She looks at me and has no idea who I am. We were never close or ever hung out away from the Philarican but we met anywhere from 6-10 times. I say my name and that I am Philarican's friend and the light goes on. She asks who I am and asks about my daughter. I show her pictures. She is amazed at how old she is. She introduces me to the boyfriend, who is a complete dork but apparently some genius physicist or something per the Philarican. His sister is kinda cute. We part ways.

So not only do I have to shell out tons more money for a decent mattress that should only cost me $100 -200 more, but I dissed by a hot woman that I actually know. I expect the ones I don't know to give me shit but I was just kind of put off that she didn't remember me.

Now I have to go to work. See I told you it could get worse.

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